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TONIGHT, Jan. 13, in “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS), get to know Miss Universe Catriona Gray up-close and personal as she embarks on a new journey at the Big Apple. Jessica Soho flew to New York to interview Cat and to give viewers updates, as the reigning Miss Universe embarks on her U.S. media tour. The Pinay Miss Universe even taught Jessica her signature lava walk!

How will Cat answer classic Miss Universe questions while eating her favorite green mangoes? Find out her reaction to kids who became viral for imitating the way she walked and answered during the completion; as well as to the fan art and memes about her that have been making rounds online.

Meanwhile, delicious dishes deserve a “hot” name. Find out why certain food in the country have “suggestive” names. Could a “superpower” be the real reason behind the ability of a kid from Iloilo to read even when blindfolded? Paranormal expert Ed Caluag also investigates a mysterious “ghost ship” that allegedly appears and vanishes in the seas of Siquijor. Know the secret of Milaine who successfully worked her way from being a janitress to now a millionaire. Just like the story of Boyet and Aubrey in “My Special Tatay,” self-confessed former sex worker Abegail seemed to have found forever in her husband Patrick. And fishermen from Camarines Sur found what they believed to be valuable ambergris or whale vomit. Can this be their ticket out of poverty?

Watch these stories and more in the award-winning magazine show and 2018’s most-watched GMA program, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (KMJS), Sunday, after Studio 7 on GMA-7. PR