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Sindhu Vee explains at the start of Sandhog how her marriage has lasted two decades: “We do not have arguments; we have throw-downs.” 

For this ex-banker wedded bliss comes from treating the relationship as a war zone. It is an effective, if cartoonish, premise that binds together this witty, entertaining debut.

The India-born newcomer’s set is essentially a satirical guide to modern coupledom, with hard-won cynicism. When things get heated at home, she jokes that she tells her Danish spouse to go back to Denmark. Vee, cannily, applied for a UK passport.

She points out that motherhood adds further marital irritations, alongside projectile vomiting. There is a very relatable riff on the differences between relaxed English and strict Indian parenting. But sticking together is important. After all, who wants to grow old alone? Better to bicker until the bitter end.

This is a well-structured piece delivered in an understated, confident style. While Sandhog does not break artistic barriers, nods of recognition from similarly battle-scarred veterans in the audience suggests that this touches a nerve.

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