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Caroline Flack doesn’t look impressed as her fiance Andrew Brady prances around on a night out.

Love Island host Caroline, 38, recently confirmed her romance with former Apprentice contestant Andrew, 28, was back on .

But one thing that appeared to be NOT on was his dancing in the street in Soho in London’s West End.

An onlooker said: “Andrew was being a real show off, and Caroline was appearing to do all she could to rein him in.”

Caroline Flack was pictured having a very close-up exchange with Andrew Brady in Soho

The pair have now reconciled and Andrew had clearly had a few to drink to celebrate

Caroline and her man are still due to marry despite their recent split

Andrew was having a cigarette outside while talking to his fiancee

The duo head back inside

The couple – also seen hugging and talking at very close quarters – split in March after a month together amid claims he was cheating.

They soon reconciled and announced their engagement in April.

It didn’t last long, but they are back in step with each other now.

Andrew was loving life as he started dancing around

Caroline did not join in with the dancing

The reality star was getting into the party spirit

Later the couple headed to a car with pals

Andrew had only officially moved back in with Caroline on Wednesday, in the dead of night.

With a baseball cap pulled over his face, a casual looking Andrew was seen heaving his belongings from his car boot to Caroline’s front door and into her plush pad.

Just four weeks after their dramatic split in July, which they announced to the world on their Twitter ccounts, the pair jetted off on a make or break holiday to Ibiza.

The pair seemed to be looking at phones and taking snaps

In contrast to their gushing declarations of love in the early days, the pair have been doing their best to keep the reconciliation under wraps, with Caroline hiding making sure her engagement ring is well hidden.

She arrived at the GQ Awards solo last week, but was seen sneaking Andrew in to the after party later.

It’s been a rollercoaster year for the pair, with reality star Andrew proposing in April just three months after they were introduced.

Andrew swerves a number of rickshaws

The pair’s body language was quite odd during the night out

Caroline has been vocal about her search for love over the years

But by July the relationship hit the skids with Caroline facing humiliation with allegations of Andrew had cheated on her and was using her for fame.

But the presenter found it in heart to ‘forgive’ Andrew and the pair jetted of to St Lucia on ‘make or break’ holiday.