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Damsel Productions recently announced Abi Zakarian’s “Fabric” in support of Solace Women’s Aid, a charity which works to bring an end to the harm done through domestic and sexual violence. Hannah Hauer-King directs a brand new production with Nancy Sullivan as Leah. Opening at Soho Theatre on September 13 and closing on September 22, 2018, the production then tours to non-traditional theater spaces in four of Solace’s target London boroughs from September 24 to October 6, 2018.

“I’m revolting. According to his mum. According to everyone.” Leah is smart, kind, recently promoted, and finally seems to ‘have it all’ when she gets to be the Mrs to Mr Ben Cavendish. But she finds herself revolting; revolting against a society and a judicial system that just won’t listen. “‘Fabric’ gives voice to one woman’s experience of sexual violence and trauma. Through Leah we bear witness to how gray areas seep into everyday life, and how a million small things — some seemingly harmless — can result in one terrible act,” says the official release.

According to the release, co-founders of Damsel Productions, Kitty Wordsworth and Hannah Hauer-King, said, “After our recent production ‘Grotty’ —  a piece focused on the lesbian experience in London — Damsel continues to prioritize projects that explore underrepresented narratives and engage with broader audiences. Our production of ‘Fabric’ pursues the same ethos of working with all-women teams, to promote and cultivate visibility for women focused narratives. Through working with Solace, we hope to extend the play’s reach and audience, by bringing the production to non-conventional theater venues around London.”

Abi Zakarian is an award-winning playwright and currently a member of the RSC’s writers group and the Dangerous Space collective. Nancy Sullivan plays Leah. Her theater credits include “The Country Wife” (Southwark Playhouse),  “My Fair Lady” (Naples Opera House, Teatro San Carlo), “The Beggar’s Opera” (Storyhouse), and “Gutted” (Marlowe Theatre).

As per the release, Hannah Hauer-King is Artistic Director and co-founder of all-female theater company — Damsel Productions. For Damsel, she has directed “Grotty” (Bunker Theatre), “Lilith” (Bunker Theatre), “Fury, Brute” (Soho Theatre) and “Dry Land” (Jermyn Street Theatre).

The play will be on stage from September 13 through September 22, 2018, at Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE.

For details, visit: www.sohotheatre.com

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