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Prices Effective 5/2/18 - 5/9/18
On The Vine Cluster
Tomatoes JOIN US FOR DOUBLE AD 88¢ WEDNESDAYS! 2X THE SAVINGS! lb See store for details. Healthy Food. Healthy Values. Fresh Naturall 85% Lean
Blueberries Ground Beef
Georgia Grown Value Pack All Natural
Minimally Processed • With No Artificial Ingredients
Ground Several Times Daily • Fresh Never Frozen
Product of the USA 6 oz. Limit 4
Each Additional
dditional $1.99 ORGANIC 99 Organic
6 oz. 2 ¢ NON GMO 199ea 49 ea Hass Avocados
or Mangos 88 lb Iceberg Lettuce or
Hot House
Cucumbers 88 ¢ ¢ ea Large Red
Seedless Grapes Green Bell Peppers
or Cucumbers 99 21
for Asparagus 1 21
$ lb for Strawberries 1 lb.
or Jumbo Golden Pineapples Klondike Rose,
Klondike Gold or
Russet Potatoes 25
$ 99 ORGANIC • Green Onions,
Radishes, Cilantro
or Parsleys ¢ $ ag
5 l b.B for
fo lb • NON GMO ORGANIC • Organic Apples • NON GMO ORGANIC • Organic Hass Avocados Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith,
Gold or Red Delicious 99
Fiesta Thyme
¢ lb Over 50
Items! Shredded
Cheese Select V
8 oz. 2 99 off Fresh Thyme Large White
Eggs Assorted Varieties
4.5-5 oz. 18 count BUY ONE
$ FREE for Save up to $2.69 Ground Coffee Select
12 pk., 12 oz. Select Varieties
10-12 oz. bag 5 12 99 99
ea Fresh 93% Lean
Ground Beef Chicken Sausage or
Boneless Skinless
Chicken Thighs All Natural
Minimally Processed w/ no artificial ingredients
Ground several times daily
Fresh Never Frozen
Product USA 16oz 649ea ea Fresh Natural Value Pack 85% Lean Ground Beef ea Corona or
Modelo Fresh Thyme Natural Fresh Thyme Organic lb Fresh Thyme OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Frozen Burritos • NON GMO 99 ea % 18 Count ea ¢ Select Varieties, 1-16 oz. Red’s 1 99 Organic Acorn, Butternut or
Spaghetti Squash ¢ 25 ea 3 No added growth Hormones per federal regulations
Fresh Never Frozen
Minimally processed W/ no artificial ingredients
No Added enhancers or solutions
Hatched and raised and harvested in USA 1 89 99 lb Open Daily 7am - 10pm
register and sign up for weekly email online at lb St.
3600 S. St. Peters Pkwy
636.851.6971 We reserve the right to limit quantities. All sale items are while supplies last and subject to availability. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.