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All images courtesy of Visionaire.

Whether you’re an eccentric architecture enthusiast or just seeking a deeply immersive art experience, the hypnotic exhibit, AMAZE, deliberately sets out to provoke your senses. Hosted inside Soho’s The Cadillac House and presented by art and fashion publication Visionaire, AMAZE is a labyrinthine installation that invites visitors to navigate through a series of exciting optical and auditory illusions. Visitors can expect to find themselves lost among metal bead curtains, geometric patterned walls, colored windows that shift the interpretation of light sources, and more.

Designed in collaboration with Architecture at Large founder, Rafael de Cárdenas, and visual artist, composer, and vocalist Sahra Motalebi, AMAZE offers visitors a range of different rooms to visually and aurally interact with. The halls within the maze place the viewer in unique atmospheres that evoke a sense of lostness and familiarness all at once. For example, visitors can enter a hall of mirrors that seems to resemble a motel hallway. By pressing a discreet button while walking through, a series of reflective surfaces reveal different scenes that disturb the viewer’s grasp on reality and space.

Adding to the enigmatic multi-sensory experience, the visual space is accompanied by a custom score consisting entirely of Motalebi’s voice. By manipulating the sound of her voice, Motalebi’s auditory experimentations create a haunting soundtrack. At times, visitors will even hear the sound of unnerving laughter and cackling echoing through the halls.

This is not the first exhibit Visionaire has invited visitors to actively interact and engage with. Just last year, Visionaire captured the attention of immersive art lovers with its trippy “Toiletpaper Paradis” installation, which was also on view at the Cadillac House. The installation AMAZE serves as another example of Visionaire‘s love for interactive experiences that stimulate the senses.

AMAZE will be on view from April 10th to June 10th at The Gallery at Cadillac House located at 330 Hudson Street. Hours are 8am to 7pm, Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

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